Kate Rigby

Coats – Shortlisted in The Fish Short Story Competition (2002)

A Generation Thing – Longlisted in The Fish Short Story Competition (2002)

To The Wire – First Published 'Naked Hunch' Texts' Bones (Skrev Press 2004)

The Suit – First published 'Scriptor' – A Collection (Green Arrow Publishing 2004)

Heads Or Tails – First published 'Whereof We Cannot Speak About Critical Theorists Can't Keep Their Gobs Shut' – Texts' Bones (Skrev Press 2005)

Headboards – First Published 'Spiders And Flies' Texts' Bones (Skrev Press 2005)

Cutting Edge – First Published 'Farewell To Wales' Texts' Bones (Skrev Press 2006)

Copyright 2011 Kate Rigby

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