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Claiming A Lady

A Night Warriors Short

By Brenna Lyons

What are reviewers saying about the Night Warriors series?

Night Warriors

Brenna Lyons is formidable in the art of world building and storytelling. This novel delivers and carries its own creative weight, where the contemporary world meets Teutonic legend. This is not just a tale where a mocking Stone god uses Warriors as weapons against blood drinking monsters; this is about change, never-ending love, family, and devotion.”

Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed

The story is rich in Germanic lore and history of the two classes of people. The book is done in sections or parts and I think this gives a richer understanding of the overall story being told here. The world-building is excellent. The Warriors lifestyle is very inventive, as well as the Beasts’. By the end of the [first] story I was seriously on the edge and loving every minute. The ending however shocked the hell out of me. Not what I expected. But the story is fricken fantastic and worth it! The second part of the story starts out years later, and the battle still rages on between Beasts and Warriors. The book could have ended and I’d have been fine, but knowing there is more to come makes me excited to revisit this world! It has vampires, warriors and bad chicks! The sex is hot! The fight scenes while not overly bloody, still kick ass! Don’t let it pass you by!”

Reviewed by Acquanetta Ferguson for the San Diego Erotica Books Examiner 5 stars! “Highly recommended buy!”

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