Frosted flakes.

Tony the tiger was wearing a blue suit with a frosted flakes tie. Cameras and flim crew were around him. Director: action! Tony the tiger raised his finger as he said, they're greeeat! Director: cut! Tony looked at him in confusion. Tony: what? The director handed him a piece of paper. Tony read it loud. Tony: this statement and contract states that frosted flakes can or can no be great or satstify your greedy taste buds and give you the feeling that they were great or greeeat. Tony stares at the director. Tony: are you freaking kidding me?! That Is my phrase!

Tony: are you tired of eating raw chicken with acid and spoiled alien heads? Well you are in for a treat! Frosted flakes are so good they'll make you kill your ex wife tiger and scream, purple socks are made of lies! Director: cut! Tony: they're greeenn! He picked up a pipe and smoked it. Director: cut! Tony: this is bullcrap! What do you want me to say? They're freaking shit! Director: cut! They're the illuminati! One of these statements is true. I am tony sorprano, you are dead, I am a baby, they're greeeat! Director: come on!

Tony spoke with rage through his veins. Tony: if you dont think they're greeeat, I will pee on them. Tiger ladies walks past him. Tony: they're super greeeat! Tony: they're great! He raised his middle finger at the camera. Director: hey! I don't swing that way!

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