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This story is about 3000 words.

The cells were easy enough to find. There was a small block on the far end of the fort that would hold dozens of prisoners in each in his own small cupboard size cell.

He rounded the corner and came face to face with one of the torturers. He grabbed the man by the throat and squeezed firmly. The man choked and tried to break the hold.

"Leave off," Jack said from behind him.

His hand came past and forced open 2Eyes’ hand.

"I said leave off."

2Eyes released and the man fell to the floor. He didn't know the man, but had felt the whip enough in this place to want to end the man's life just by knowing his profession.

Jack bent down.

"Where is she?" There was no question as to who 'she' was.

The man looked scared for a moment.

"She's with the captain. He'll kill you if you try to see her," the man whined.

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