Graham: Training the Earth-Born Lord

A short story from the Kegin Universe

By Brenna Lyons

Ms. Lyons has crafted just a brief glimpse into the Kegin world and it whets my appetite for more. Kegin is a place of almost unabashed sexuality. I found myself blushing at some of the situations in the story, but I ultimately found it refreshing and incredibly arousing. Despite its length, this story was fully realized and I was satisfied at the conclusion. Best of all, it leaves room for more about these characters and more from Kegin. I definitely will be on the watch for Brenna Lyons' work in the future. Until then, I have to satisfy myself with her other tales from the Kegin universe. If you are not yet familiar with Ms. Lyons' work, Graham-Training the Earth Born Lord is a marvelous introduction.”

Reviewed by Miaka Chase for Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4.5 Stars

This is a very short story, a vignette in the Kegin series. I enjoy Lyons’ Kegin stories. I think that’s because her heroes and heroines are brave and strong, while being emotionally vulnerable. Many of the Earth-born are desperately lonely, hurt people who, because of their differences from the standard human form and physiology, believe they are damaged and without worth. The stories, therefore, are about people who are at rock bottom finding worth in themselves again. The sexual scenes in this story are quite explicit, but emotionally satisfying. I enjoyed this story because it adds to the mythos of the world of Kegin. However, I don’t think that this story stands alone as well as some of the other Kegin stories. I recommend first reading Lyons’ other Kegin novels to provide the cultural background for full understanding of the details of the story.”

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