The Test

by Linda Jordan

writing as LJ Wolfe

Copyright 2012 by Linda Jordan/LJ Wolfe

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover Photo Licensed by Deposit Photos

Cover Photo by Andrejs Pidjass

Smashwords Edition


~The Test

~About LJ Wolfe

The Test

Tali stood knee deep in the cold sea water and jabbed a pointed stick at the small fish. She missed. The fish vanished into the seaweed and deeper water. She’d have to scrape urchins and mussels from the rocks with her knife for dinner again tonight. At least she didn’t have to catch them, tired as she was of their taste. She’d eaten little else for the last two tide cycles and needed to survive two more. Until the moons changed.

Stepping onto a boulder, she carefully moved out of the water and up onto the rocky beach littered with tide pools. Her leg ached and was swelling, from a stab wound by a puncture fish two days ago. The sore had turned ugly, black and smelly.

Tali wished she’d paid more attention when Diassa had taught the children about healing plants. But she hadn’t. Now it was too late to ask for help. The rest of the village wouldn’t come back above water for two more cycles.

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