Short Shorts

Allegra Cohen

Copyright 2011 Allegra Cohen. Cover copyright Amelia Farley 2011.


Preface 3


The Shorts 4

The Longs 21

Phone Calls 22

That Ache 26

Smoke 33

Rain 38

About the author 47


I went through Europe writing helter-skelter, and so the shorts in this collection are honest but tawdry. The longs are a little more serious, the sorts of pieces in which you try to instill a mood and an end and all that. This is my first collection and you can read it in one gulp, the shorter ones in line at the supermarket; and I am very thankful to my parents for being ever-encouraging and helping me to produce and publish it. I would like to thank Amelia Farley for doing the cover. I am also thankful to Esme Weigand, for being a staunch editor and a glorious person, and for showing me how it’s really done.

The Shorts

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