Three short fantasy stories set in different worlds of magic

by Chrystalla Thoma

Copyright 2012 by Chrystalla Thoma

Smashwords Edition

Indra’s Return

Indra returns from exile with one purpose: to take revenge on the Elven King for sending him away. But in a game where nobody is who and what they seem, Indra will find that discovering the truth might be crueler than living a lie.

Short epic fantasy story – 3561 words.

World of Shells

When Aima doesn’t returned by nightfall, Jun sets out to find her. But the World of Shells is a dangerous place when light fades. Weaving his way between giant lizards, aggressive clan members and hungry birds of prey, he will either save Aima, or die trying.

Short epic fantasy story – 3960 words.

The Wolf Game

In a world where the undead rule, and shape-shifters are owned and kept by mortals, Mara, a shadow woman, acts as a guard for Riffa, a ghoul. When a white werewolf saves Mara in a fight, a bond forms between them. But while Mara wonders what this werewolf wants from her, she has to wonder about her own desires.

Short urban fantasy story – 5365 words.

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