Leaning onto the touch, Nightjar closed his eyes. “I’ll look forward to it.” When he opened them, there was something Adder had never seen before. “Please let me take care of you tonight.”

A lump formed in Adder’s throat. “Why?”

“I’ve never been a selfish person, my King. I think it’s time I return all the pleasure you have given me. It’s my duty.” Nightjar said these things as he moved Adder to lie on his back by slowly pushing him toward that position. “You have been so good to me, teaching me things I didn’t know were possible between men.”

His Nightjar spoke of duty as he straddled Adder, but that flame in his eyes shone from a different place. Adder wanted to give more to this man, but perhaps it was time to accept some pleasure of his own. “Thanks.”

Nightjar nodded and brushed his lips over Adder’s. “Never thank me for something you deserve.” He kissed Adder thoroughly then, his tongue roaming, conquering, disturbing every cell of Adder’s body.

Should he stay still and let Nightjar continue? Adder couldn’t. The urge to touch and feel Nightjar had grown steadily every night. He was at a point where the nightly hours weren’t enough to be around the Lakon. Only his royal duties were keeping him from spending entire days worshiping the vulture rider. His hands found Nightjar’s shoulders and surfed over hard muscles.

Humming into Adder’s mouth, Nightjar broke the kiss and lapped Adder’s neck, his tongue going lower, leaving fire and goose bumps in its wake. He circled one nipple, then the other, making Adder moan and pull Nightjar’s salt-and-pepper hair, asking for a deeper connection. His wish was granted, and as Adder’s nipples became pebbles, Nightjar left them at the mercy of the mischievous breeze playing within the chamber. The cold, playful whisper over the sensitive nubs forced Adder to shiver.

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