Chapter 4: Flee, Don't Feed

Chapter 5: Mortify by Marriage

Chapter 6: Epilogue

Chapter 1: Besetting Sins

Welcome to a touchy, controversial, difficult series. I hope that you would expect nothing less from me. I know a little bit about what the Bible says about the human condition, though I’m not an expert. God is clear in the scriptures and we know from personal experience that we all deal with besetting sins—those sins that daily haunt us.

If you’re anything like me, you’re still dealing with the sins that you were dealing with in high school or the sins that you wrestled with as a kid—the envy, perhaps, or the inordinate love of money, or a lust for control and power, or the desire for other people’s approval. You’ve always dealt with them, and you’re going to continue to deal with them.

In fact, as you look back over your life, there have been moments when you settled down for a little rest and relaxation. You thought things were secure. You felt quite assured of your relationship with Jesus. You felt you had some level of victory over a particular sin. It hadn’t emerged in quite some time. But you pulled your troops out, and it came back. It slithered out from underneath the rocks. It came out from behind the women and children, where it’s been evading your detection.

They’re the incessant sins in the soul that never seem to go away. As soon as you think things are safe, there they are to take away any sense of security or assurance you might have previously had, to steal your dignity and humanity, to shame you and embarrass you on live television.

You’ve dealt with these before. You’re dealing with them now—the besetting sins in the soul. What if I were to tell you that God has revealed to us in the scriptures a strategy for dealing with these incessant sins in the soul? Would that be something you’d want to hear about? I would hope so. God’s strategy for dealing with the incessant sins in the soul—those sins that haunt us, humiliate us, and never seem to go away—can be found in Romans 8:13.

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