What others have said about Sunborn

“Carver does his usual outstanding job of juggling multiple viewpoints and plot threads while casting his protagonists’ adventures against a sweeping, intergalactic backdrop. Yet Bandicut’s story is ultimately a very human one about determination, seat-of-the-pants ingenuity, and courage in the face of overwhelming danger.” —Booklist


“Space opera at its most agreeably and classically science fictional . . . Carver skillfully rotates viewpoints and weaves the choreography directly into the plot.” —Publishers Weekly


“Leaps quite madly from pot to kettle to frying pan to fire. The pace never lets up . . . [a] remarkably expansive vision.” —Analog


“Carver’s latest addition to the “Chaos Chronicles” . . . ensures his place among the most inventive of contemporary authors of hard sf and speculative theory. Filled with startling ideas and ingenious plot twists, this sf adventure (along with its series predecessors) belongs in most sf collections.” —Library Journal


“Jeffrey A. Carver is back, and it was worth the wait! Sunborn is a rousing, mind-expanding adventure from one of true masters of hard SF. Bravo!” —Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids


“Carver gives us the ultimate cosmic aliens while juggling stars and supernovas. Dazzling.” —Jack McDevitt




Volume 4 of
The Chaos Chronicles


Jeffrey A. Carver

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