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The Thoracic Surgeons:

Bogota, Colombia

K. Eckland, ACNP-BC, MSN, RN

The Thoracic Surgeons

K. Eckland

Copyright K. Eckland 2011

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All footnotes have been reformatted for use on electronic devices as text within parentheses for clarity in reading.

Sincere Thanks

To the thoracic surgeons of Bogota.

To Jennifer Aisha Roberts, for all of her wonderful constructive input.

To Dr. Betty Heard, of Averett University for editing this work.

To the thoracic surgeons who trained me and helped further my love for thoracic surgery.

To my husband, Peter, for his endless patience.

Table of Contents


The Thoracic Surgeons of Bogota originated from a larger project on surgical tourism in Bogota, Colombia. During the process of writing that book, I conducted a series of interviews with multiple surgeons from different specialties across the city. Each specialty and each surgeon is unique, but the thoracic surgeons are a different breed from their counterparts in orthopedic, plastic and other surgical specialties.

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