***** 5 Stars!! Political Associations in Founding Empires.

With conflicts prevalent in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Israel) a very interesting look at the rise of the Babylonian Empire thousands of years ago, that highlights the political associations that arise when powerful leaders look to allies to build their empires. Jo has written a great Foundation. I’m looking forward to the next book. M.A.


Topheth, the place of burning, that was what they called the fiery altars of the Baals, and the unquenchable flames of the garbage heap of Jerusalem had appropriated the name. It was the picture of eternal damnation to the people of Judah.

Tongues of fire flickered before the prophet’s face, casting eerie lights across his visage in the shadows of the city wall. The flames burned, attempting to devour the rubbish of the city which fed them. The rejected and outcast broken remnants of society were consumed here forever amidst the swarms of flies and the scavenging creatures which tried to gorge themselves on their share of the refuse before the flames could claim it.

Jeremiah faced hell and knew it could be avoided no longer…

Empire of Gold:

Jeremiah I,

Prince of Babylon

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