This story is about 2500 words.

The ship pushed up in the air and 2Eyes saw the mast fly past as he and Wendy hit the deck and flames passed over their heads.

It was a brilliant tactic. His brother had calculated his moves well. 2Eyes assessed the damage. Leather was lying up against the wheel. His hair was scorched and his eyes were closed. Wendy lay on the ground and was breathing lightly with a bruise forming on her head.

Smoke was nowhere to be seen and Jake was standing still in the middle of the deck.

"Jake? Are you alright?" 2Eyes yelled.

Jake fell to the deck. His body was completely burned from head to toe and he smelt of barbequed meat. He was dead.

The ship was on fire and 2Eyes was on his knees sweltering in the heat. He watched as his friend who had been with him for so many years and so many adventures lay dead in front of him. He couldn't imagine a worse pain. He laid his head against the hard wood of the deck for a moment before coming back up to scream,


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