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The Probe

By Baron Louis

Copyright 2010

Smashwords Edition

Stage 1-The Probe

The vast universe we humans are just one aspect of existence, a universe that human Astro science posits the certainly mathematically that there are many life supporting worlds as there are grains of sand on all the beaches of our Earth. Biological science indicates from the repeatable experimental results that our existence, our humanoid and other life forms here on this world is not a onetime random occurrence. Again that the mathematical certainly given the magnitude of the universe our world Earth was not likely the only life bearing world in this universe, that by the same mathematical chances also it was fifty-fifty odds of chance that those among the universes life bearing worlds could have developed before ours. Those occurring before our human world Earth one could believe would be more advanced as those where life arises after would be less advanced. Also intelligent life could be on the same quest for knowledge that all dominate life would take the path of development and seek to explore the same universe we share. , that there was such a world with an intelligent dominate life form, a world with creatures at an unimagined distance, such a world with what we humans would see as an alien life of humanoid form developed. That life form had developed the same drive to know, to explore that we humans of earth possess. So it was at the proper time deemed by that Alien humanoid race to us of Earth, those unknown aliens built an automated exploration Probe to be sent out into the universe to find another a world with life in its programmed exploration of the universe. This Probe simply was much that like we humans of Earth did with the far more primitive in contrast the 1970's Voyager probe which was sent beyond our stellar system. However this alien probe of exploration was dispatched when that alien race had reached a level of technology far beyond human earth’s Astro-engineering science imagination. The capabilities of this unknown alien Probe were far beyond the simple able to transmit data at the sub light speed of radio waves of our Human Voyager craft. This Alien Probe was equipped to remotely conduct a full range of observations, studies, experiments, having here to fore unknown to Earth technology able to fabricate the devices, or instruments required to be used on the collected experimental subjects of any discovered life form when found. The Alien explorer probe made counted numerous prior stops finding at each planetary stop a devoid of life series of planets in those counted now registered in the Probe data bank numerous lifeless stellar systems. The technological capability loaded awaiting use into this Probe was technology advanced to a level which the Engineers, Scientists and Medical Doctors of Human Earth to date only could only dream existed. The Probe traveled for millennia of time which we humans of Earth track, measure time so far had failed to find what the core computer primary program had directed the Probe to seek, discover and study.

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