Bumblebees, Doodlebugs, and Freedom Riders


Eva Rilot

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 by Eva Rilot

Bumblebees, Doodlebugs, and Freedom Riders

Somewhere in Mississippi

The bumblebee lazily stepped from one rose bloom to the next, causing the flower to lower under his weight. He paused for a moment, allowing the flower to right itself, and then gathered his share of the golden bounty. After awhile, defying every law of physics, he took off and lumbered towards home. Underneath the rose bush, the red clay was bordered by an old highway that had deep ditches on each side. Across the highway from the bushes, a snake lifted his head and tasted the air. Nothing threatening was detected, so the snake slithered out of the ditch and onto the highway. The pavement was hot and felt good to the snake. A rustle from the other side of the road caught his attention briefly. A rabbit hopped from one side of the fence to the other. The clover grew thick in the ditch, and it was a good place to hide while he feasted. A doe suddenly appeared on the other side of the fence. She smelled the air to detect any signs of danger. None were detected, and she turned back to guide her fawn while crossing the road. All of a sudden, the snake felt a vibration. He decided to go back into the ditch. The fawn was almost across the road when the station wagon appeared over the hill. The station wagon slowed to see the little fawn and her mother, but did not stop. After the car was gone, a cloud of dust left in its wake slowly descended back to the earth. The snake came back out and once again took in the heat of the highway. The doe and her fawn frolicked in the pasture field on the other side of the barbed wire fence. The rabbit had his share of clover, and bounded across the highway back towards his home. All of nature's children were safe and happy for the moment.

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