“Morning, Sable, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me so if you have anything you need to run by me, do it now.” And in an instant he was gone, sweeping by her desk and disappearing behind the mahogany door of his professionally decorated office. Sable was left sitting at her desk, situated right outside his office, trying to get her heart beating at a normal, steady rhythm.

The red light on her phone told her he’d picked up and would probably be on a lengthy phone call with one of his clients. She’d be safe for a while.

Opening the screen to where she’d last been snooping, Jack’s handsome mug stared back at her, that cocky grin plastered on a perfectly carved face. Mother Nature had been too kind to Jack Grant. It was no wonder he had over 500 beautiful women on his friends page, all cheerleader types. Sable cringed at the show of bleached white teeth, artificial tans, and designer clothing the women displayed in their photos. Where did Jack meet all these women? Was he actually dating any of them…or all of them?


She stood by her original opinion.

He was a whore.

Sable closed down the site and logged on to her work files. She was only working for Jack because the money was good and his office was conveniently located close to her house. He was rarely in the office so she didn’t have to tolerate his presence...much.

This morning she accidentally ran across his WebMeet page. Maybe “accidentally” was the wrong word. She’d gone looking for it after overhearing a group of women gossiping at the local market. The site was designed with security measures against hackers but there wasn’t a computer program, hard drive, or Internet site alive that Sable Mallory couldn’t find a way into. She wasn’t a hacker, she just had a nice little talent that worked well for her. Some people might call her a witch, she just thought of herself as uniquely talented.

This day’s challenge was to dig into Jack Grant’s account and see what all the fuss was about. Big deal. The only thing she discovered, and it wasn’t anything she didn’t already know, was that he was a man-whore.

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