by Graveyard Greg


Keeping You in Mind

Copyright 2011 by Graveyard Greg

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Author's Note:

This story is loosely based on a real life event. Just so you know.

It wasn't easy for Birch to know someone who was shorter than him. All his life he was used to looking up at his friends, his cousins (who just so happened to be giraffes and way too damned tall for their own good), and even his boyfriend.

Mitty was a different story. Even though he was a wolf, he was a few inches shorter than Birch, but they still hit it off when they met online ages ago. Through sheer coincidence, Mitty's parents lived around forty-five minutes away from Birch, and the wolf moved to be closer to them since they were getting on in years, thus deepening the bond of friendship between okapi and wolf.

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