First Night Love

"Your words of suicide were echoing in your ears. There was also the guilt of rebuking you in mind. Dinu Kaka called up to tell you your condition, so I did not stay away from me. Turned the car back. I have been doing all the life in the meeting and will continue, but if something happens to you, how will I live without you? "

"Live, what to say?"

He had come after waiting for half an hour and now he was asking with such a gentle voice in such a simple voice, as if he had brought a problem and said, The brain stopped working with Avni's ninja. Now what to say, how to say that Valentine's day was given to the card and 'I love you' came to say. Where is this Savita's child trapped? What was needed was to say to them that it is important work. His eyelids were bowled, the capsule became silent and the words were stuck in the air.

"Feel free to say what you have to say. Now we have to stay together for a lifetime. You can count on me. "After this encouragement, it was necessary to say the necessary thing to say," Yes, did I get my exams after marriage? "

"Oh, is that so! Okay, I will take full care of your convenience. Any more problems? "

'Oops! Talking to his future wife, such as, Papa talks to his students.

After this much more elegant and formal conversation for Avani, it became unbearable to stop there. "Thank you! I move Hello. "He turned and went around running around with his friends. These smallest romantic meet-ups were heard verbatim on their insistence after they were tossed in auto after returning to the house, so everyone smiled. Neha could not sleep in this uneasy overnight, is it not in the fate of a helpless couple's unimaginable conversation and momentary touch in bonds and constraints, like a boyfriend before marriage? About which the Sakhiyas, the sisters and the sisters have been saying that it stays in it and the earth becomes a space.

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