Sarah White alternated between sipping on her whisky and dragging on her cigarette as she looked at the clock yet again. It indicated she only had about two minutes to wait, she knew they would arrive exactly on time, not a minute earlier or later. That was how things were done around here.

Normally she would have been very conscious of having the smell of alcohol or cigarettes on her breath if she was about to meet someone in a hotel, whether the meeting was business or pleasure, but in this case she had no worries about what her soon to be arriving guests would think of her breath. She had absolutely no concerns about having to make a good impression on them, and as she sat there she was highly aware of how liberating that felt. She surmised that was why most people came here of course, to indulge their fantasies without fear of judgement or recrimination.

At the exact second the clock struck eight there was a knock on the door. They really did value being right on time. She laid down her glass of whisky and stubbed out her cigarette. It was time for the third vice of the night.

She opened the door and her breath was immediately taken away. They were exactly what she had asked for her, but still, to actually see them standing before her...

The two men standing at the door had perhaps the most handsome features she had ever seen, as if the models in a magazine advert had leapt out of the pages and had now found her hotel room. This, of course was not very far from the literal truth. They both had slicked back dark hair, beaming smiles accompanied by glints in their eyes to indicate these smiles were very real, not the polite smiles most people flashed so often going about their daily business. Each man had about two days of stubble, not too much of a beard but enough to give that look of rugged manliness which was just how Sarah liked it. And both were dressed immaculately in black tuxedos, with their shoes so perfectly polished one could quite literally have seen their reflection in them.

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