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When you finally learn to love yourself,

you will dissolve all the stones that are cast.

-The Indigo Girls


So, there you are, lying on your deathbed, staring blankly up at the ceiling. You scroll back through everything that happened in your entire life up to that point, and all you can think is... “What was that all about?” Suddenly, everything that you ever worried about happening or not happening in your entire life seems so infinitesimally small and unimportant, that you begin to wonder... “Oh, my god,” you think. “What did I do with my life? Did I miss the point? Why did I make the decisions I did?” You wonder, “Why did I ever worry at all, to begin with?” Then, the big questions come... “What could I have done differently? How could I have brought more well-being into my life?” Then, suddenly, you realize that you COULD have appreciated your life, much, much, much... MUCH more than you did.

Either you simply didn’t know HOW to appreciate living/being, or for some reason, you decided a long time ago to NOT appreciate living/being. That was the norm, so you bought into it. You decided, “Life is serious. Very serious. I need to take it very, very seriously.” So, you lived a very serious life, and then you ended up on a very serious bed, looking at a very serious ceiling... in a very serious way. It’s then you realize, you made an egregious error. You COULD have taken life less seriously. You COULD have laughed more. You COULD have played with life. You could have taken better care of yourself, without apology. You COULD have done any number of things to improve your life, but you just didn’t. You begin to feel foolish, like you are the butt of some kind of cosmic joke. Then, you realize, nobody played the joke on you. You played the joke on yourself, and society fully supported you in playing this joke on yourself. By your own decisions and your own actions, you sabotaged your very own happiness. You vow that in your next life you will make the most of being in a physical body, as you slip into the next world.

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