Castle No Exit

A Gay BDSM Romance


Parker Avrile


The Castle is more than just another gay BDSM club. A lot more...

Hammond and Jason are friends with benefits who work hard and play harder. Love? Forget about it. Hammond figures his life is already perfect. Nothing needs to change, and nobody needs to get hurt. At least not any more hurt than they want to be...

And then he stumbles upon an explosive secret― the castle that nobody ever escapes. Jason knows something. In fact, he makes a point of warning Hammond away. Every bit of knowledge you gain at the Castle comes at a cost.

Which only pulls Hammond in deeper.

The Castle might be the ultimate environment for elite BDSM practitioners. It provides an immersive full-time fantasy dungeon where men are pushed out of their comfort zone to confront their most hidden desires.

Hammond thought his hidden desire was for power exchange.

He isn't ready to admit his deepest desire might be for Jason to become more than just another friend.

And he's never going to admit it's impossible to escape the Castle.

This steamy friends-to-lovers gay romance novel features intense BDSM elements including physical and psychological dominance/submission between consenting male adults. There is no cheating, but the main characters do participate in group scenes involving multiple partners.

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