'Is it true you've visited the Pick Quick Libraries?' asked Karl, he seemed excited. 'What was it like?'

Trevor Marsh thumped Karl's shoulder. 'Dummy,' he called him. 'We've two minors who haven't paid their dues, and I trust you to ask a dumb question like that.'

'Sorry Trev.' Karl massaged his shoulder.

Trevor Marsh turned to Kyle. 'I like the ball,' he said, teasingly.

'You can't have it,' said Kyle.

'You guys hear that?' asked Trevor Marsh.

His gang laughed.

'Clock them,' hissed Gary. 'Dog walkers to the left. A jogger ahead.'

'Do it quick,' hissed Stephen.

'The football,' demanded Trevor Marsh.

'No,' refused Kyle.

'The ball belongs to me,' I said, suddenly fearful. Hoping my friend would hold on until the jogger came closer, then I would ask for help.

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