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Kashaful Aza
A brief but comprehensive thesis on the topic of
the azadari of Imam Hussain (asws)

Author Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi

Translated by
Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi

Copyright 2011 by Wilayat Mission
Smashwords Edition


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Chapter One Voice of Karbala

Historian Tabari recorded a sentence from the martyr of Karbala; Hz Abis bin Abi Shabeeb Shakari (asws). It is a great honor and blessing for us to be able to start our book with this sacred sentence. In this one sentence this sacred martyr explained the whole purpose of Karbala. The people who are always in search of the truth regarding what is religion will understand its full meaning from this one single sentence. In the history of Tabari Fourth Edition page no. 249, Hz Abis (asws) says to his slave whom he has liberated, “Today is that day where we must take as many blessings as we can because after this day, we will never again have any other chance because the Day of Judgment will come.”

This is the truth, spirit, and summary of religion. There is nothing other than this. Nothing remained after Karbala except Karbala itself. If you want to learn what tawheed is, then you must learn it from Karbala.

If you want to know what prophet hood is, consult Karbala. If you want to follow imamate, look at Karbala. If you want to gain marifat of the secrets of wilayat, reflect immensely upon Karbala. If you want to see the Day of Judgment in this world, feel the pain of Karbala. You will be able to feel the pain of the Day of Judgment in your heart

Without having love in your heart for the Family (asws) which gave Islam to this world, who are the companions of Quran until the day of judgment, and whose love Allah has made wajib upon us, then all of your religion, your iman (faith), or any act of worship which you perform will never be accepted by Allah. He was brutally martyred on the plains of Karbala. O’people, you have absolutely no idea who was martyred in Karbala. Imam Hussain (asws) did not get martyred in Karbala. The whole of Islam was martyred in Karbala. Allah was martyred in Karbala. RasoolAllah (saw) was martyred in Karbala.

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