(Matt's POV)

I drowned out every sound other than the tap of my feet stepping across the floor. I dodged every person I passed as I walked toward the one girl I haven't made out with this year.

I never really got to know her this year, but it's not like I really ever wanted to. At that moment, the vodka fueling me was clouding my brain and I was on a little mission, so I didn't worry about knowing her or not. That, and the $25 dollars in my pocket that was part of the bet to seduce one of the nerdiest girls in Wattson High. I smirked.
This is going to be way to easy.

I finally reached her and instinctively flipped my hair and plastered a fake smile on my face, showing off my white teeth. I practiced my pick-up lines through my mind. I managed not to scrunch my nose in slight disgust when my victim's friend glanced at me.

She looked kind of ugly, dirty-blonde straight hair that had way too many split ends covered her face. She had light brown eyes and a lot of freckles all over her. She wore a loose tie-dye t-shirt with short shorts and neon flip-flops. Her hair was in a messy bun and her bangs were scraggly. Her eyes widened when our eyes met and I stuck my hands in my jean pockets.

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