Lets get this straight before we go any further; I’m not about to donate blood for just any Australian. I am not interested in being an anonymous donor to an anonymous recipient of what matters most in my life. My intention is to cry out from the depths of my soul about any injustice that I can see with my own eyes. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I have been privileged in other ways. I have an open and big heart, ask any woman that I have per chance encountered on the by-ways of life. You’ll find in this story, and on these pages, a different story than you would otherwise have considered within your personal scope, don’t be perturbed it’s just a story, it isn’t real - for even fiction that we may take to be real is but an illusion.

This ‘Reichstag Archipelago’ lets the reader draw their own conclusions…

I am a dream man – I am your dream man.

Justin Dowell


‘Do you have the report?’

‘Yes, its right here.’

‘Well let’s see it. You maybe the State’s representative for Hawker but I need to know how you feel about this crisis.’

‘As the State’s representative for Hawker, I ask you, can we drop our guard and be co-operative on this.’

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