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EPPIE Award Winner!

Winner of the 2010 EPIC Ebook Award for fiction in the Mainstream category.

What others are saying about When Women Were Warriors:

“5 stars: Breathtakingly gorgeous writing by an author who has woven a multi-layered tale of such depth, breadth and insight that it was very nearly a spiritual experience...and yet, an incredibly thrilling, sensuous and complex adventure... Both men and women of all persuasions seem to love these books, and when you read them, you'll understand how that can happen. Very rare. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!”

—from a review by T. T. Thomas, September 1, 2011

“4 stars: There are some books that weave a magic spell around us, that take us by the hand and lead us to a place that feels like home for as long as we spend amongst their pages. This is one of those books… A multi-layered story, The Warrior’s Path is for the most part deftly told, and reminiscent of old myths and folktales, giving it a feeling of timelessness and extraordinary beauty…It is a tale of womanhood, nurturance, respect, and above all, love…”

—from a review by Kate Genet on the website, Kissed By Venus

“5 stars: This is one of the most unexpected books I have ever read. It surprised and delighted me. It’s an epic tale of deceit, betrayal, warfare, quest, and everything you have grown to expect out of an epic. It compares to the Iliad or Beowulf. The plot is amazing and there is a tender love story cradled within it like a shy subplot peeping out from behind the hero.”

—from a review by gordon clason, January 25, 2011

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