The Fifth Step

BY: Hawk and Young

Copyright 2017

By Hawk and Young

Smashwords edition

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8:30 Thursday Evening

Grace House, Camp Street, New Orleans

Weekly meeting of Narcotics/A.A.

Cara Rothering almost wrote Cara H. instead of Cara R. on her ‘Hello my name is’ sticker. It’s a mistake common to newlyweds. She chuckled when she thought about being a late-thirties newlywed. She was just as beautiful now as she had been almost two decades earlier. She primped her cornsilk blonde hair subconsciously in a mirror across the room before arranging the nametags on the table.

The difference between the 20-year-old buxom blonde and the 38 year old newlywed was a brush with death, a twelve-step program, and a life with meaning. After helping herself, she was now helping others.

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