All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

A tranquil abyss flowed surreally by as an astronaut shot out of the universe, with no awareness, tumbling through infinity, far from the furthest stars, and he came to, in a state of disarray, studying light formations surrounding him.



From the colossal discoveries gathered from the extraterrestrial DP1 starship investigators and scientists accumulated what they could of the DP1 starship hyperdrive engine and began work on creating a Starship S1 hyperdrive.

The technology was unheard of, and it was thought it would take decades before it was all entirely grasped, especially by the methods most of it was telepathically given, and scientists disputed what was given.

NASA and the SETI institute and the worlds most advanced institutes, companies, and groups with the worlds most advanced technology, researched the ancient extraterrestrial technology, knowledge, civilization, language, and information and recordings from what Starship S1 accumulated, and expanded and advanced their knowledge of technology beyond what was thought impossible, and NASA began the construction of the technology of the hyperdrive engine.

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