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About 2400 Words.

The door was kicked in at exactly 3am. Insomnia shot up from his sleeping position on the couch and bolted for the window. A punch to the face stopped him in his tracks.

"What the fuck? Where the fuck are you taking me?"

It was Larry. The mafia had him too.

The lights went on and Smokes stood over Insomnia.

"Here's the one that you are looking for," he said pointing to Insomnia.

Three men came over to where Insomnia was lying on the floor.

"You, fucker, are causing us a lot of problems," the same small man who had kidnapped him from Biscuit's apartment said.

The two men to his side pulled him up.

"We'll knock that thousand off your debt for you later," the man said to Smokes.

Smokes smiled. He had betrayed Insomnia and now he was getting paid. Fucker!

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