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About 5300 Words.

"You found something?" Set asked.

"Just a flicker."

The sat down around the fire and waited. Would it happen again? There was another flick and then the needle went straight out to the north.

They grabbed their equipment and ran. The camp flew by as they speed through it. It seemed that whatever was using its powers was on the other side of the camp. They past the edge of the camp and kept running.

They could see a small house in the distance. The farmers there would have stayed in the area to help supply the army.

Zek sprinted to the edge of the gate and then ducked down. There was something moving near the door. The others bent low and sprinted to his position.

He signaled and Set ran around the fence to the other side. Raphael did the same on the right. Zek jumped up. He ran at the form as it turned. It was the small elf girl and she was smiling.

Zek stopped.

"What are...?"

He noticed the blood on her hands and teeth.

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