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Volume 1

Vanessa de Sade

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Poison Pixie Publishing 2011

Daddy’s Girl

After the break-up Penny shut herself up in her apartment without respite, sleeping through the daylight hours and pacing restlessly through her silent rooms to pass the long, soulless nights.

She had vowed bitterly to give up sex, unable to bear the hurt of being betrayed again, but after six weeks of nocturnal prowling that old urge became insistent and she sat in the dark of her bedroom in the small hours, surfing the net on her laptop, playing with herself while she mentally fondled the big cocks of the hunky dudes on gay porn sites, silently cumming three and four times a night.

It eased the itch, like scratching at a bite, but didn’t solve the problem, and though looking at the gay guy’s big dicks made her pussy wet and sticky she despised the men’s smug eyes, their immaculately barbered moustaches and, most of all, their indifference to who she was and what she was doing.

Frustrated she took to roaming the dark backstreets of the net, the pussy parlours, the confession sites and the jerk-off bars, trying to find the elusive ingredient that would fix her, make her whole again. She paid out fifty dollars and joined a mutual masturbation site, training her webcam squarely on her pussy, feverishly rubbing at her clit for some fat redneck from god-knows-where while he crudely jerked his stubby little cock for her in turn, breaking the connection as soon as the first white dribble of cum spurted out of his sausage-like dick.

Desperate, she had searched for someone else to partner with to finish, but it was well after four in the morning and there seemed to be no willing dudes available at that deserted graveyard hour. Rubbing desperately at her engorged clit for relief she finally ventured into alien territory, and, fearful of what she might find, she let her cursor lead her into an alley marked Women seeking Women.

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