What others are saying about Stronger than Dirt:

"In lively alternating essays, husband and wife tell the story of their adventure. He recounts the details of building a house, tilling the land, constructing a deer fence; she, bemused at her husband's grandiose plans and his unfailing confidence, goes along with everything, including spending the first winter with thousands of tomato and pepper seedlings growing in the bedroom of their temporary apartment in Albany… [T]he authors have written an engaging and unfailingly optimistic book."

-- Publishers Weekly

"In this engaging account of their transition from urbanites to farmers, Schaye and Losee alternate, providing his-and-her perspectives on the joys and travails of starting Silverpetals Farm... Looking back over seven years, the birth of two children, the creation of a successful business, and the personal journey to more fulfilling lives, Schaye and Losee offer insights into both farming and the pursuit of dreams."

-- Booklist

This inspiring, funny, and well-written book is just right for a good afternoon read in the summer - filling, yet not overindulgent."

-- The American Gardener

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