Laura Drewry

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Porter Creek, Montana Territory, 1885

Tess Kinley wanted to die. Six days on the stage, driven by the devil himself, was more than a body could be expected to endure. There wasn’t a single pothole or creek bed between Butte and Porter Creek she had not been jolted through; not a single filthy station missed; not a single decent meal eaten. She had not bathed in a week, nor had she washed or changed her clothes. Her weakened stomach had long since revolted against the onslaught of such offenses and although she had not disgraced herself in front of anyone else yet, she would not have cared one little bit if she had.

The stage turned over on two separate occasions and one of the poor old horses shot when its left hind leg snapped after becoming entwined in the wreckage. They’d been stuck up to the axles in mud after a three-day downpour and during this time Tess’s vocabulary became significantly extended through the teachings of Mr. Forbes, the stage driver.

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