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Book Two in the Last Pendragon Trilogy

Book Two in The Last Pendragon Saga

The Pendragon’s Quest


Sarah Woodbury


Copyright © 2011 by Sarah Woodbury

Cover image by Christine DeMaio-Rice at Flip City Books

The Pendragon’s Quest continues the adventures of Cade, Rhiann, and their friends in seventh century Wales.

Although the dark forces of Arawn are defeated, the Saxons have massed on the border of Wales, aiming for nothing less than the complete subjugation of the Welsh people. Meanwhile, the fickle god Mabon, loose again in the human world, searches for the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. With each one he collects, his power grows. With the other gods forbidden to interfere in the human world, it is up to Cade, Rhiann, and their companions to stop Mabon and the Saxons.

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