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My Safe Haven

I am fifteen years old today! July 19, 2010! My name is Izzabela Jayne Gonzales. I have two sometimes wonderful sisters, Jazamine Nicole and Jacilyne Aubree. I have a brother, Rementon Kolt. My mom is Jacklyne Nicole Gonzales. My father is Benito Paco Gonzales.

Today my mother is planning my ‘surprise’ party, that Jazamine ‘accidently’ told me about. Rementon is the only one that has told me happy birthday today. When Jacilyne heard him tell me happy birthday she shouted it, but she really forgot. Oh well she’s only 13. I’m 16. Jazamine is 17. Rementon is 18. Mom is 35, Dad is 36. Kayde, Rementon’s college roommate walked in with this girl wrapped around him. She barely had any clothes on! God I’m jealous Kayde is drop dead sexy, the things I’d do with him!

beep beep beep Of course my alarm enterupts my amazing dream, but today is going to be way better than that dream! Today I turn 16, I get to skip school and get whatever car I want. My dad is a senator so he spoils me specially since he left me and mom when I was 6. Mom got hooked on drugs by the time I turned 7, I’ve been practically raising myself since then. Dad still comes around, and tries to give me whatever I want. My mom told me after dad left to “always remember, money cant by love only happiness.” And I haven’t forgot that yet. My boyfriend Skie is skipping school with me to pick out my car. We’ve been together 2 and a half years.

knock knock I glide down the stairs and slowly open the door, before I get it completely open Skie is pulling me into a hug. “Happy Birthday Veronica!” “thanks Skie.” “You ready for the best birthday of your life?!” “Ready as I’ll ever be….” As you can tell I’m not a birthday person.. Skie grabs my hand, and starts walking to his 2010 black extended cab dodge ram truck. He picks me up and puts me in the passenger seat. “Where do you want to go first?” Skie ask me. “New York City? I guess.. Do they sell cars there?” I ask. “Yes they sell cars there. What type of car do you want?” “A 2011 ford mustang. Black with pink racing stripes. Automatic.” “K I’ll call Brody’s ford dealer in the city and,

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