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He shut his door and started the ambulance. “You didn’t need them anyway. I can almost see your butt in those pants.”

Olivia punched him hard in the arm. “Har har.”

Ow, you have bony knuckles.” He rubbed his arm.

She wolfed down the rest of her burger and crumbled up the garbage. She rolled down the window as they exited the lot and tossed it into the provided trash bin. “Two points.”

There were three cruisers on scene when they arrived. Two officers were trying to keep back the small group of onlookers that consisted of three hookers and some drunk bar patrons. Olivia got their gear ready as Roger parked the ambulance in the middle of the street. She jumped out of the back on the run.

This was not their first visit down to this area of town. Olivia figured she’d been down here at least five times in the past two years as an EMT. Stabbings and beatings mostly. This was her first gunshot wound. She wasn’t looking forward to it.

Two officers were bent over the victim who was lying on the sidewalk in front of a skuzzy blues club. They were pressing down on her wounds to stem the flow of blood, but were also restraining her.

What are you doing?”

One officer looked up. She knew him. Had dated him briefly.

She’s trying to get up.”

Olivia pushed the other officer out of the way and crouched next to the victim. She was young and pretty, and had three bullet holes in her ample chest. The woman turned her head and stared up at Olivia, blood congealed on her lips.

I want to go home,” she croaked.

Ma’am, you’ve been shot three times. We need to take you to the hospital.” Olivia took out the small oxygen mask and put it over the woman’s mouth. She struggled against it, trying to swipe it off.

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