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I WAS afraid to look down. Were his pants unzipped? Shit. What was I going to do if that was my present? I mean, we’d rehearsed all these lame ways to turn a boy down in Sex Ed, but I’d forgotten the whole routine already. The truth was, I hadn’t paid much attention in Sex Ed in the first place, since my prospects of getting anywhere near a boy I liked in the next century seemed dismal. Most of the time when I liked someone, they never liked me back. I was cursed—until now, which left me entirely unprepared for whatever was in Mick’s pants.

“Okay, close your eyes again,” he said.

“Do I have to?”

“You said you loved surprises.”

Any Red-Blooded Girl

A Novel by


Copyright © 2011 by Tara Nelsen-Yeackel

Cover Art © 2011 by Brittany Cain

Smashwords Edition

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