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Exploding Writing Myths

& 4 other tips on

Critique and Process

Hilari Bell

copyright 2011 Hilari Bell

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--Exploding Writing Myths

Chapter 2--The Art & Necessity of Critique: Part 1

Chapter 3-- The Art & Necessity of Critique: Part 2

Chapter 4-- The Art & Necessity of Critique: Part 3

Chapter 5--The Irrational Optimism of Writers

Chapter 1

Exploding Writing Myths:

Some things “they” say might be true for them but not for you

Write about what you know. You must write a book a year. You should outline. You should write spontaneously. You should write for the market. You should ignore the market and write what excites you. And my-personal least-favorite, You must write every day.

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