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Danity O’Shae



Danity O’Shae

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How I came to be sitting in a therapist office, enduring the most ridiculous punishment I’ve ever heard of in my life, I blame on my sister. Ever since we were kids, she’s always had a way of pulling me into whatever she was doing, and then ratting me out, and getting me in trouble when she’d been doing the exact same thing herself. For the remainder of my sixteen-year-old summer, I’d be here, in this uncomfortable leather chair, talking about an addiction I didn’t have. Two weeks ago, I’d been awakened to the most beautifully amazing thing, a boy of my age could ever dream of: SEX. But not just the act in general… I’ve, of course, snuck my share of porn from my dad’s collection, and even went so far as stealing a few of his playboy magazines, but no one had ever told me that the pictures of those beautiful naked women, their body’s all shiny and gleaming, held a secret so intoxicating that it could literally drive you crazy seeing it in real life.

My first encounter with a live glistening snatch, was purely accidental, and it made no difference to me that it belonged to my seventeen-year-old sister. School had just let out; she was heading off to college in a few short months, and I had yet to find a job that would hire me for the summer. My parents had decided to vacation without us kids for the first time ever, and they’d practically run out the door, barking orders for us to take care of each other for the two weeks they’d be off doing what old people do in the Bahamas.

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