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Running Notes: An Illustrated Memo To Non-Runners

Hello, Non-Runner!

Like most changes in your life, this one starts with a problem. You have no social life and yesterday you found yourself talking loudly to the bottle of beer. (“Hey, nice bubbles!”). Or you are a workaholic who can not sleep. When you close your eyes, Excel tables swirl around in your head. Or may be you are just fat. Or a depressed receptionist.

Whoever you are, there is one basic idea that may brighten up your life. And yes, this idea is to run, jog or whatever you name it. Of course, unless you have already done it, you are probably skeptical to it, but you do not have to decide right now. Just flip through the pages and see if you find out something that you did not know about running.

You will not find the usual marathon runner’s stuff or tips for becoming a professional athlete. There will be no interviews with doctors or sportsmen and no graphs. There will be no philosophical connections between running and the order of the Universe either.

This is not a paper about becoming the best runner. It is a paper about becoming a better, more creative and joyful person by using running as your tool.

In Search of Joy

But the walking of which I speak has nothing in it akin to taking exercise ... but is itself the enterprise and adventure of the day.

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