Where to Belong

W.J. Smith

Copyright © 2011 W.J. Smith

Smashwords Edition

For my sister, Gwen. Welcome back.


In This Life

The cramped helicopter rattled and wrestled with itself as it tried to gain altitude in the cloudless night sky. Madison glanced out the window behind her to confirm they were actually rising instead of falling. She then turned back to the narrow gurney and her wounded friend upon it. He looked rough.

"Hang in there, Skyler," she shouted over the ruckus of the chopper. His blue eyes opened for a moment as he grasped at the hand she had pressed to his bandaged chest.

Madison studied him as she thought over their failed assignment. She couldn't understand what had happened. It went horribly wrong. Someone must have set them up. Her team followed the rules and conducted themselves flawlessly. They walked right into a trap. It had to have been. Now, Skyler was hurt and Morgan made the choice to stay and complete their assignment on his own.

With her free hand, she tugged at the ring hanging from the delicate gold chain around her neck. She wasn't supposed to wear the engagement ring during assignments. It might give away her identity, or Morgan. Tucking it back into her shirt, she looked again to the window and wished her love to stay safe and hurry back to her.

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