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Stacie was older than her sister by two years. Her sister was a freshman in college, and Stacie still thought of her as little, despite her recent full tits and gorgeous body that had the guys always harassing their house during the summer. She always wondered why she never saw the guys with her sister... and then she walked in on her and her blonde petite friend.

Stacie had seen the two of them naked and sweaty. The blonde girl was up against the headboard, legs back by her head, and her little sister's long tongue snaked in and out of the shaven pussy in front of her like some lurid scene from the lesbian porn Stacie's boyfriend had always tried to get her to watch. She immediately walked out, and she still didn't know if they had seen her.

At first, Stacie felt horrible, disgusted, and surprised. She was dazed for nearly a week. Her little sister, someone she'd always thought of as a little version of her, was a lesbian! She couldn't believe it. She started wondering what someone with her body was doing with other girls. The image of that wet, glistening pussy with that long tongue sliding up and down it kept coming back to her. It was strangely and subversively attractive... but she was straight, so she tried to put it out of her head. The thing is, she had thought her sister was straight, too.

She kept thinking more and more about what she had seen. Each day, her sister and her 'friend' would disappear at random points throughout the day, and their parents were totally oblivious. Were they running off to have sex? It really started to get under Stacie's skin. She was the only one that knew passionate lesbian sex was secretly happening in her house, and it made her feel a little crazy.

She started looking up random myths and rumors she had heard about lesbians on the internet, trying to figure out what her little sister saw in girls. She was surprised to read that lesbians really could have sex all night, and it made her kind of dissatisfied with her boyfriend's race to the finish line in their five minute sex sessions. She started looking at the other girls around her, seeing potential and a secret sexual side in them. Really attractive girls started to catch her eye, even though she’d never noticed them before. It made her embarrassed, and she hid it the best she could.

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