Once Upon An Incorruptible Criminal

By Kehinde Fawumi

(Author of Tomorrow's Realities Today and Managers' Manual for the 21st Century)

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"Anthony, how did you define youth migration the other day?" I asked putting up a frontal mien.

"Migration is the deadly transit from Nigeria to Libya through the perils and risks of starvation, dehydration and death; far from the nightmare of frustration, poverty, brain-drain and unemployment in Nigeria.” He answered impulsively with a kind of well meaning sarcasm.

Startled, I marveled at the alacritous briskness with which he answered the question. “How is that supposed to absolutely explain a multifarious issue like international migration?” I probed further.

“You may not understand. We were about 2,000 youths that left Nigeria in 2007. Over 50% died already, just few of us made it back home. Ask Papa-Du he’ll give you more details” He replied.

Completely patronized by Tony’s informed description of local and intercontinental migration, I gave in to his putdowns. And I listened as he told a tale of his personal tragic migration experience to Libya…and back.

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