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Praise for
Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman

(The following comments were excerpted from reader reviews)

“I absolutely LOVED “Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman. The story was imaginative, fresh, and extremely enjoyable to read.” – flipoid (South Georgia)

“Many authors can make fantasy exciting and others can make reality realistic, but to be able to do both is something you don’t often see in YA novels.” –Alexmarie (Syracuse, New York)

“While “Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman” sits comfortably in the same niche as the works of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Marlowe holds true to his own unique creative vision.” – Old Granny

“I don’t say this very often about books but this was simply brilliant.” – SerenityFL (Miami)

“This is a wonderful book suitable for many age groups. It’s part fairy tale, part fantasy, part action adventure. (...) It would make a GREAT movie, with the characters rivaling those of the Harry Potter series.” – FantasyReader (Indiana USA)

“This book touched on many subjects and emotions that I, as a mother of a teenager who is rapidly preparing to go out on her own, was deeply touched by. The love of children for their parents, the love of parents for their children, the strength of children, the weaknesses in even the best parent figures - all of these themes come into play in Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman...” – Alexmarie (Syracuse, New York)

“It’s one of those fun, engrossing reads, that anyone from 9 to 90 will like.” – OhEmGee!

“I would recommend this book to ALL ages!!! While it could be considered a children’s book, as they would enjoy it, it is also very much an adult book!!!” – A. Fox (Chicago)

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