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“I REALLY didn’t want it to end! (...) Something happened when I finished this book that I can’t remember happening to me before. I went back and re-read the first few chapters and enjoyed them almost as much as the exciting final ones. They were so much more meaningful the second time around after becoming friends with this family.” – SueS

“I loved this book! It brought back memories of my favorite childhood stories, Peter Pan and Narnia, and the fantastic worlds in which they were set.” – Wendy D. (Williamsport, PA)

Story Synopsis

ON A WARM SUMMER NIGHT, atop a second-hand bed with Spiderman sheets, in a modest farmhouse in Iowa, two young brothers committed their deepest fears to the leathery lavender pages of a strange, blank journal. Sean and Cole Golden’s shared terror was a malevolent shadow that they believed would come for them, in their dreams. But the shadow’s threat had been nothing more than that – until the boys named him Mr. Brink, and etched his likeness onto those enchanted pages.

Thirty years later, Cole Golden – now grown into a man – is pressed by his own children to reveal the incredible adventure that began with that simple act, so long ago. An act which not only resulted in the abduction of Cole and his brother Sean, but also caused the Sandman to be ripped from his throne—and robbed the citizens of the world of their ability to dream.

A dark force was born from the uncommon imaginations of Sean and Cole Golden on that long-ago night, casting a cold shadow over Nod, the ever-changing land of dreams. Jake (the boys’ cynical father) was forced to resurrect the imaginative child within in order to cross the adult-proof barrier separating the real from the surreal. In Nod, a world literally made of our dreams, the younger Jake set out to rescue Sean, Cole, and the Sandman before the sleep-deprived citizens of the world burned everything to the ground.

Aided by a trio of Dreamers (children with nothing except their dreams in our world, who have been adopted by the Sandman), Jake encountered bizarre characters and wondrous locales as he discovered the transformative qualities of belief, the enduring power of love, and his own Destiny. He faced physical manifestations of all manner of dreams, including a treacherous money forest, Lost Lake (where mankind’s collected regrets churn beneath black waters), They and Them (monochromatic Siamese twins who are the architects of The Rules for accountants and elementary school teachers), The Tree of Hope, and Death himself—who turned out to be a pretty nice guy.

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