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Kevin looked up at the staff and the fight from that morning raced across his mind. They had both said things they didn't mean. Julie had asked him to quit wrestling. She said her father had a job waiting for him at the family bank; all he had to do was go interview. A formality really.

Except he didn't want someone giving him a job he didn't deserve. He had his business degree, but he had never used it other than to think of ways to market himself to other promotions. Wrestling was what he wanted to do. It was the life he wanted for Julie and himself. She came from old money. He wanted to be from new money. His money.

But more than that, it was his dream. She had known that from the first night they met. Had been to every show he had ever wrestled since then.

Until tonight. She wasn't there tonight.

Kevin pushed the thought out of his head and ran the ten feet to the ring. He slid under the bottom rope on his belly and rolled up into a kneeling position. He held the staff above his head again as his music cut out. Kevin shook his head. Amateurs everywhere, he thought.

Heavy grunge music filled the void left by Kevin's music and the ring announcer began again. "And coming out next. He breaks the scale. He is Two-Ton Tony!" Tony King, the man behind the Two-Ton Tony character, ripped through the black curtain and screamed in the face of the closest fan. The fan yelled back and they exchanged a spittle laced argument that not even they understood. Indy wrestling at its finest.

As a heel*, Tony made quite the first impression. He wore an all-black spandex shirt and tights that held his considerable girth in check. He had several tattoos, and it looked like he hadn't shaved in a decade. And nobody could look crazier than Tony.

Kevin suppressed a smile. Away from the ring, Tony was the quietest and nicest person Kevin had ever met. He had a pretty and sweet wife, and a two-year old little boy that was his whole world. He may have been a huge monster to wrestling fans, but to his son he was a big teddy bear.

Tony pointed at Kevin and growled. He stormed up the makeshift wooden stairs at the side of the ring and climbed over the second rope. He charged at Kevin, who was still kneeling in the ring, with both hands clasped above his head like a giant, meat sledgehammer. Kevin dropped to his side and scissored Tony's legs with his own. Tony tipped forward and slammed his face into the padded turnbuckle on the middle rope. Kevin leapt to his feet and held the staff aloft again as the fans cheered. The opening spot was perfect.

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