Final Shootout

Cowboys #3

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Lunatic Ink Publishing

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie)


Jack snuck over to the horse. The border watch had finally loosened up their guard after Garcia had admitted to his crimes. It had taken him longer than expected to wake up after Rick had shot him and now a week of waiting had gone by. Jack was thankful. They would have still been in the stocks if he hadn't been honest.

He saddled the horse quietly and he could hear rustlings in the next stall, which indicated that Ben and his brother Rick were readying their horses. He pulled the straps tight. They wouldn't have to do this if the border guard hadn't sold their horses and weapons.

There was a creak behind him. He looked back to see a patrol man creeping up on him. The man stopped in his tracks and went for his gun. Jack didn't hesitate. He kicked the man in the groin and jumped onto the back of the horse.

There was a shout from the door. It seemed that the man wasn't alone. He raced down the length of the stables and shot out the door. Everywhere he looked surprised border guards starred as Jack shot through the camp at a full gallop with Ben and Rick not far behind.

Gun shots rang in the air. Jack ducked down close to the horse’s mane and pushed for more speed. Rick shouted at him from behind. He looked back.

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