Bovicide, Zombie Diaries, and the Legend of the Brothers Brown

By Stephen Bills

Copyright 2011 Stephen Bills

Smashwords Edition

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Prologue: The Last Temptation of Betsy the Cow

Hmph! Delores was in Betsy’s spot again. Betsy could see the fat cow silhouetted against the farmhouse’s light, chewing her cud on the soft grass right beside the fence – in Betsy’s spot! And this after Delores had cut in line at the milking shed this morning! Soon it would be time to teach the young cow her place.

The other cows didn’t respect the Farmer like Betsy did. They didn’t understand that they were only alive because the Farmer willed it. He healed them when they were sick, ensured there was always food, brought them the bull…

The Farmer was their reason for being.

Even in this darkest of nights, with the moon but a sliver, Betsy did not fear for the Farmer kept her safe. So why couldn’t she relax? Why this feeling in her udder? The other cows sensed it too. They’d all huddled together by the farmhouse gate, but Betsy had trudged off, angry…

And now she was alone.

Betsy’s tail paused mid-flick. Had the grass just moved behind her? She lumbered around, but all was still. Had she heard something? Only the wind? No, because the rustling was behind her again. Betsy lowered her head and stared through her horns, daring anything to challenge her. The grass settled. Probably just a rabbit.

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