"Oh, you gonna fuck with me, whitey? Then let's fucking race!"

Kim grabbed the sheet from off Eddy's bike. He smiled.

"You got that fat mother fucker too."

He threw the sheet on the ground into a puddle of water.

"Race you to fat fuck's house or are you too damn chicken?"

Eddy wasn't too brave at the best of times, but mainly because he was lazy. Aho and Erik waited to see how he would respond.

"Yeah, bring it on."

They were on.

Kim raced to his own scooter and started the engine. He didn't wait for anyone to say go, he just went. Eddy raced after him.

The streets were packed with people, it being the weekend and all, but both of them were experts. Eddy pulled up next to Kim. They were neck and neck as they skipped through a traffic light at 50kmph.

Blue and red lights flashed from behind. Stupid cops, as if. They turned into a small alley and Eddy followed Kim down the little space. The cops disappeared behind them and they kept up the fight.

They flew into another street and Eddy came in low as he curved out onto the street. He swerved as a cyclist got in the way. The man screamed abuse, but Eddy kept going. They came to the final corner.

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